A Place Called Here :Witness The Bipolar Mind

I want to tell you about my happy place. It is a sacred place. It exists inside my head. It is a state of mind that makes everything beautiful. It makes every pain and suffering worth the effort. This place is called desire. It is the desire to live life to its fullest and experience everything I can in this little time I have. Like the world, this place also has seasons of summer and winter. Depression is the cold long winter and mania is the pleasant summer. Hope is the rain. The trees are my dreams and the sky is the limit. My brain is a world in itself. Just like Earth is full of creatures, my brain is overpopulated with thoughts. Some of these are strange and wild creatures, some are tamed and civilized. Some of them are like predators, they consume me. Some of them need to be killed, just like the pests that destroy the crops.

This brain is my home. It is my protective shell from every kind of pain. So like humans must protect Earth, I must take care of my brain, by sleeping and eating well. Just like every place, my brain has frequently changing weather. Each day I have too many moods and feelings to describe. So I have to be prepared with my umbrella or coats, shorts or gown whatever the case may be. The weather cannot stop the force that is me.
The brain is everything. The world is the same only it is not for every person out there. It depends on your perception. Some love fire and others are too scared to look at it. I am kind of in the middle. I fear fire but I go near it anyway. I like to live on the edge. I like to scare myself. It is an exhilarating thrill. I am in it for the ride, not the destination.

I cherish the winters as much as the summers for the winters remind me how sweet the summer really is. Unless you know both worlds you cannot value either one. So I do not regret having bipolar disorder. It is a gift that made me value the happy times and understand the sad ones. It made me strong enough to deal with every storm I face. My brain is much like our Earth , it is the place I live in, a place called here.

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5 thoughts on “A Place Called Here :Witness The Bipolar Mind

  1. Confronting this piece was good luck.Short,crisp and interesting.As a reader,your perspective touches the subtle virtue of human beings:thinking and what we may call un-thinking!

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