Feminism Is A Hoax

Let us face it. The cold truth. Women and men are never going to be treated equally. Why should a man have to give up his seat to a woman or open doors for her? Why not both ways around? Why do we always assume that when a woman is moody, it is her time of the month? Why is there a tax on tampons in the US? Why do women get to have ladies compartments in trains, but there are no male compartment? Why does a man always have to propose to a woman?

Do you really think that time will change all of this? I think feminism is a waste of time. The rules are different for men and women! Because women cannot sport hairy legs and women cannot go topless. Women cannot inherit property in India unless their fathers are alive on or after September 9, 2005. 80 percent of women do not have bank accounts in India. One in three women has been a victim of domestic violence. Women are made out to be bad drivers and emotional fools who cannot take tough decisions. Women get paid poorly in the film industry as compared to men. They are treated as showpieces.

If women want to be equal to men, they are going to have to do a lot more than come up with poetry and videos like ‘My Choice’. They will have to walk through fire and fight for every right that they deserve to have. Since time immemorial, women were treated as secondary, as objects meant to gratify and satisfy men. They suffered in silence because that kind of stoicism is exactly what was expected of them.

I am not going to suffer. I will not tolerate a man who tells me that it is my sole duty to cook and clean and look after the kids. I don’t expect them to open doors for me or treat me as a weakling.

Feminism is all words no action and a hue and cry about issues that need to be solved.  We need to more than just publicity about the differences between men and women. We need to start bridging these gaps. It starts with you. All of you.


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