Things I Would Tell My 15 Year Old Self

I did not believe when my teacher told me that age will change your perspective about life. I did not quite understand what he meant. Then I grew up a little. I look behind and now I see how little I understood the real world back then. It turns out the things you worry about at fifteen are the least important ones!

So if I had a chance to meet my younger self, I would tell her this:

I would tell her to stop obsessing over the number of friends she has.  It does not matter how many you have, it only matters if they are your real friends. I would tell her to not worry about her looks because all that teasing and bullying would stop one day. The only thing that would matter is what you end up doing in life.  I would explain to her that it is okay to be yourself and you do not have to pretend to fit in. I would tell her to have more confidence in her own abilities rather than believing what everyone else had to say.

Mostly I would ask her to have a little more fun. I would ask her to try every passion she had and do everything she was too hesitant to do, simply because she was scare of failing at it. I have no fond memories of my high school days because I never let myself have any fun. It feels like a blur, and there is nothing of it I remember. I would ask of her to create memories worth recounting.

When I was 15, I was too sincere and too innocent. I should have been a little more fierce, a little more confident. I cared too much about what the rest of the world thought about me. How ignorant I was about the fact that the others do not care about anyone but themselves! That character mattered more than reputation and confidence mattered more than intelligence!

If I met my younger self again I would tell her to live like it was nobody else’s business. She cared too much for opinions rather than caring for what she herself felt.



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