A Letter To A Suicidal Person : Life Has A Purpose

Dear Distressed,

I know it is a difficult time. I know you find it too much to bear and easier to quit. If you quit now, what use was your entire struggle? What was the point of every effort you made to be yourself again? Do you really want your parents to live in guilt for the rest of their lives? Do you not care for the ones who love you? Yes, I know you will say that everyone has to die one day. Why not today? But if choosing your birthday was not in your hands, why should choosing your death day be your right? If you are so depressed then ask for help. Talk to someone. Fight it. If you let depression win, it means you are willing to let all those who care for you down. It means you are selfish, as selfish as you can get.

Everything can be solved. There is light at the end of the tunnel, believe in it. I know you see nothing but darkness, but take the next leap in faith that things will get better. Don’t you want your life to count for something? Were all these years so worthless that you will throw it away in a few seconds? Just think of the consequences. If you fail, you can be charged with the criminal offence of suicide. You will be stigmatised in society forever. People will never give you the respect you deserve. You will be branded crazy. You will be pitied. Are you still thinking of killing yourself? If you wanted to you would not have thought so much. I know you do not want to. It is not the only option, believe me. There will be better days.

Once you jump you will want to undo it. It will be too late. Turn back now while you still can. I am ready to lend you my hand. I know that you are stronger than this, do not give up. There must be something to live for, hold on to it. Just know that people want you around. Nothing in this world is as grim as suicide. It is a cry for help. I am ready to help you, but you have to take my hand. Please do not take your own life. It is just your mind that has broken. Don’t break everyone’s heart. We all are here for you…you just have to help us to help you.

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