My First Date

It was straight out of a movie. I had never imagined that my first boyfriend would be a ripped, tall dark and handsome man who taught yoga for a living. One day, I just called him because I had no one to talk to. I did not even in my dreams expect he would ask me out. We ended up talking for an hour about health and fitness and our passions. There he was, the next morning, grinning even though I was an hour late. I was dressed in a blue top and lemon yellow shorts. I could not help but smile at how his aura gave me tingles. He was beautiful.

We sat at marine drive, talking about our lives. He held me tightly by the waist and I could not have wished to be anywhere else in that moment. I could feel his muscles through his grey tee. I still remember his sexy Gucci boots. His amazing smile and calm attitude. Well no wonder he chose yoga over the army! He was a state level football player! Then he told me how much he loved my poetry and my smile. I was just so happy.

We decide to go to Starbucks for coffee. A first date at Starbucks with such an amazing guy! It was a dream. His face lit up as he watched me talk and that sight was a sight to remember. As we sipped our coffees, I realised that I had not been that happy in a long time and I just could not help myself from extending my fingers to hold his. We took a walk by the southern side of Bombay, and it suddenly felt like I was in Europe. The architecture and the beautiful gardens, the scenery while the sun set and there we were, being tourists in our own city.

He was not even shy as he fiercely kissed me in the taxi. I had to remind myself to breathe. I could not believe how lucky I was. The man changed my life. Today he is engaged, has his own yoga classes and we are still best friends. I could not be any happier for him.


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