You’re An Ocean

Ask yourself a question today. How much do you know about yourself? I know you don’t have an answer. There are still waters untested and parts of you undiscovered by you yourself. We are too scared to jump in the ocean. We are too hesitant to try things we should have tried a long time ago because our heart is begging for it. Don’t be scared to displease the world, the word will always have its opinions. The only one that matters is yours.

I did not just become this girl that the world is chasing. You have to chase your own dreams first. Learn that salsa, write that book, do that play, take that internship. Parental pressure is one thing, but in the end it is your life and they do not decide for you. They are your guide, but your heart and mind are your only dictators. Yeah I know you will say but my dreams are crazy and not even feasible. I dream of being a painter, I dream of being a dancer. Well it is possible. Start a wedding choreography business. Sell your paintings online. You do not have to do just one thing for a living. Life is meant to be vibrant!

Fall in love. It will change the things that matter to you. Travel as far as you can, as much as you can. Who knows what you might encounter. I met people who changed my life. Sometimes the ocean will suck you in so deep you will feel overwhelmed. You won’t understand any of it. As a kid, I was an introvert and now I can talk to just about anyone. I was too sincere and now I am too laidback. Changes happen when you let them. Let yourself free.

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine your ideal self. Try to become that person. Only you know the road to that destination. You complain that life is boring; well it is your fault! You chose to swim in circles! Indeed it is good to hear people say that they find my life interesting. It isn’t a magic formula; I genuinely go beyond my comfort zone each day. The day you start caring about your own life as much as someone else’s, it will change. Live a little. It may scare you but in the end it is worth it.





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