The Unconventional Girl

There she was. While the rest of them that wore high heels and bright red lipstick, she was dressed in her favourite pair of shorts, flip-flops and a cute pair of earrings. She did not want to be part of them. The ones that pout in selfies and think it’s so cool to wear tons of makeup. She calls them “the painted faces”. After all they were foolish enough to want to look like art and not people!

She absolutely does not understand the concept of spending so much on spa treatments, trips to beauty parlours, and fancy lingerie. She loves her plain jockey, and her thick  eyebrows that are real and not coloured in. She doesn’t get jealous like the other girls. She lets her boyfriend breathe without questioning his every move. She isn’t Serena or Blair, she is incomparable actually. She’s beautiful inside out, she would rather be beautiful than be hot.

She never really understood why they had to use the bathroom in groups, or why they felt the need to sexualise everything for those men worth nothing but broken hearts. She just wasn’t anything like them. Yeah, that girl is me. She can’t stand those girls.

I don’t care if you judge me. I laugh shamelessly, I love sarcasm and I drink like a man. I hate Justin Beiber and One Direction. I would rather watch WWE instead of them. Some people say I was born in the wrong body, maybe I am just a man stuck in a woman’s body. Haha.

I am frank. I can’t gossip. I love my food and my weights. Maybe that is why all my friends are of the opposite sex. I am more like them than these aliens called females.  I am unconventional. I love the gym, and I love chess. I love beer and I love bass. I love the adrenaline rush that comes from hiking up a mountain. I am unapologetically different. That’s why you love me.<a href=””>Forbidden</a&gt;



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