What Are We Made Of?

What Are We Made Of?

Are we made of stars and dust?

Are we made of iron and rust?

Or just tears and laughter

That fill us up

The empty void spaces

So many different faces

Are we made of love and lust?

Are we made of dreams and hopes?

That guides us through this journey of life

My struggles and strife

Who made me? You ask

One day you met God

Both of you said,

Thanks dear creator!

Are we made of stuff so questionable?

That nothing can prove our reality?

The truth is we are just tiny dots

In the history of time

Then why so serious?

Why such war

Over religion, race and women

It doesn’t matter who we are

What we are made of

We aren’t that great

Today  on earth tomorrow we are gone

Why so serious?

It doesn’t matter what we are.



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