The Tolerant India (Way Too Tolerant)

The debate about whether India is a tolerant or intolerant nation has gone on for far too long. In my view, we are actually far too tolerant. We tolerate even those things that really need to be done away with. We tolerate men who use the roads to spit and pee. We tolerate policemen who take bribe to fill their own pockets. We tolerate smokers in public places. We tolerate the roads full of potholes. We tolerate call drops and bad network.

Yes, we are in such a pathetic situation that we have turned a blind eye to everything. We don’t care about our next door neighbours, because we believe in minding our own business even when we should intervene. You dare not…it’s between the wife and husband. He can hit her, she can hurl abuses at him, and they can even kill each other. But you choose to tolerate. You choose to tolerate the glares of men who act like they have never seen a girl before. You choose to believe it doesn’t matter. But it does, because letting it happen is as big a crime as doing something that shouldn’t be tolerated.

If tolerating means not caring about the things that affect you, I am intolerant. Yes it hurts when my own mother frowns at my friendships with my Muslim brothers and sisters. The unpleasant newspaper headlines about some or the other crime hurts me. It hurts to know I am not safe. I may live in one of the fastest developing economies, yet I am surrounded by slums and beggars. The amount of scams that occur is on the rise. Yes, thats where your money is going. In the pockets of dishonest pot bellied men and into Swiss banks.

How did Aamir Khan even become the centre of this very important debate? It doesn’t even matter what he said because all of us are unbelievably tolerant. We have deluded ourselves into believing that it does not matter and it won’t change. Yes , I am an intolerant Indian. You should be one too.



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