My First 100 Dates and Counting


It feels amazing. I have come to know and meet men from various professions, ages, places, natures, and character. And yet, yet  I love one man. Not even a 100 could make a difference. I met a photographer, a dancer, a professor, many engineers, models, to be doctors, a singer, event managers and what not. It only made me realise that dating is just a game.

Dating won’t make you fall in love. It won’t give you a rush. It feels like the same old thing, except for a change in the design of my chessboard. These 100 dates don’t even mean anything. The other 100 dates do. The ones I forgot to tell you about. The ones my man made so special for me.

The times I knew he was staring into my eyes and not my breasts. The times he made me laugh by just being beside me. The times he let me vent and wiped away my tears. The times he not only told me how much he loved me but also showed me. His surprises. The ring proposal, his broad grin even on the hospital bed just for me. The efforts he makes for me. He taught me Gujarati single handedly. He watches the shows I watch without even me asking him to do so. He checks my phone not to snoop on me, but to understand me.

He has given me the best 11 months of my life. I have never ever laughed so much, never been so happy. He knows me better than my mother. We even have telepathy! I only have to miss him and my phone starts ringing. Then why the other 100 dates, you wonder.

Honestly, it is something I do that makes me realise how lucky I am to have a man who loves me so much. It makes me realise how everyone else is. It makes me value who I have and makes me love him more. My dates are hardly ever romantic, they are just a means to judge a new friendship. Sorry guys, I never loved any of you.

Yes I never met anyone who even came close to being close to me. I am too much in love with my man to let anyone have a place in my heart. He makes my life beautiful. He makes my world wonderful. He completes me and you are just a wandering fly who stopped by.<a href=””>Countless</a&gt;


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