Freedom. We were born to chase freedom. I dream of being free like the birds. It matters more than money, fame and even beauty. Nothing matters once you have freedom. I am not talking about untamed, vile, impulsive freedom. I am talking about the free spirit. Freedom to choose your own life. Not having to work for someone, just yourself. Freedom from social bias. Freedom from being tied down and being questioned about every choice you make for yourself. Freedom from self doubt and fear.

Just like everyone else, I am imprisoned. There are so many walls to be broken. The walls of hesitation, and fear of not making it. The fear of being not good enough. The fear of not being able to make my family happy. I will get there. The walls have cracks now. I know I am destined for more than just doing the expected. I am no ordinary girl. Curiosity, creativity and passion have brought me so far that now I have wings on my feet and nothing can stop me. Everyone has this force within them. It just needs to be found.

When did rules ever matter to those who dreamt of a world with no boundaries? It’s only a matter of time before your grade card will just be a piece of paper, their opinions will just be a bunch of words and all that will matter is what you chose to believe and make real. Your existence only matters if you can make people remember you without reminding them to do so.

Free spirits have a different liveliness. You know one when you see one. They make you want to fly. Have you ever felt like that after meeting someone? Can you be that person? To be free is to be unchained from all doubt and fear. To be free is to forget about ego and embrace humility. To be free is to be willing to introspect and discover your untapped potential.

Don’t let fear of judgement and failure get in the way of your dreams. Break the shackles of your imprisoned self before the chains break you down. Nothing feels better than to be free.



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