Love Again

I was a simple girl. Then I met you. You showed me a life that could be. A freedom so madly enticing that a whiff of its tantalising fragrance pulled me in. You are a world in yourself. A world I got lost in. I loved it. I loved every bit of it. Your paintings enchanted me, I still dream of them. Then you broke me. You shattered everything and I had nothing to hold on to. In those broken pieces, I had to find myself. And I did. Is this love? That I miss you when I should hate you, that I still wish to see you again?

I hit myself on the head. Stupid girl, dreaming of an era that once was. Is it not enough that I rediscovered myself? I was in love again, and I didn’t need any guy for it. I was in love with life itself. I had to pull myself back to watching the sunset again. That’s why I love sunsets. They remind me of everything that once was, so bright and orange, with a promise of everlasting happiness. That’s the thing. Sunsets always turn into the moonlit night. So the storm in me would also turn to calm.

I looked up and saw my prince. He was mesmerising, his golden eyes, piercing my soul. He asked me, how do you make people love you so much? Maybe, it is my simplicity, or the beauty of the war that rages on inside me. The struggle that everyone faces. Do i want to fit in or follow my heart? Do I want to let go or walk the path of righteousness? They like me because I am real. Why do they like you?

He just smiled his gorgeous smile. Right then I knew why. He was beautiful, in a way that only peaceful souls could be. If all that I had been through was to lead me to him, I didn’t regret it. Like everyone else, I was looking for my lost pieces. He held them in his palms, and just like that, I found love again.




One thought on “Love Again

  1. Human relationships now a days are the most important elements leading to a pessimism. I have found individuals losing there entire directions,goal and ami of life and also to an extent of losing there individuality and self respect too. This is a wonderful crafted phrase to those pupils with a message to always find keys of happiness from a consistent elements which is consistent in flow towards you . Always be rational in human relationships and emotions….Excellent phrase on today’s phase. ….😊👍💡


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