Don’t Judge Me


I get it. I am controversial. I am too frank, straightforward and in your face. I cannot lie and I cannot keep secrets forever. Most people think I am a freak. But don’t judge me just yet.

Don’t judge me for being too loud. Don’t judge me for my unkempt hair and my braless t- shirt or cleavage.Don’t judge me for singing on the roads, it makes me happy. Don’t judge me for my bright orange lipstick or my huge danglers and chipped off nail paint. Don’t judge me for my flaws, my hairy legs, my saggy jeans, or my haywire eyebrows or my pout selfies. Yes I am not perfect, and I love being this way, because it feels human.

Don’t judge me for my lack of interest in physics or politics. I prefer peace. Yes, I choose to watch pretty little liars over and over and I choose to hate superheroes. Don’t judge me by my messy room, or my messy cupboard. I am just as I want to be. Don’t judge me for who I choose to sleep with, who I  date or how loud I decide to be. Your nose should not be in my business. Don’t judge me for listening to emo music even when that is the last thing that I am.

Don’t judge me for sleeping in class. I will still manage to ace the exams. Don’t judge my strength by my size and my will by my voice.

Don’t judge me if I watch porn, or I use bad words. Atleast, I have the nerve to admit it all. Being judgemental is what people do when their own life is too boring and they need some entertainment. So if you are judging, it won’t bother me. It is a waste of your time and energy.

Judge me only by what you understand of me, criticize me, I don’t mind. This is my world. I am different and I would never want to be anyone else, for no one is better at being me than me. Start being who you are. It makes life much easier, and so much more beautiful.


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