You never cease to amaze,

The clouds shine through the sun rays,

I see your eyes through the haze,

The smoldering golden smiling at me,

How long have I waited for this

To see you shine like the sun,

To be the brightest light in the dark room

It had to be you, you mesmerise

I wish I could drown in your eyes,

You’re busy gazing at the empty skies,

I know the sky is captivating

It’s so full of nothing

Just like the spaces in our heads

Why do we feel empty all the time

Alone in a room full of people

You asked me why the fake smile?

I answered;

Smiling is easier than having to explain

That unreasonable emptiness in my heart

I’ ve accepted it as a part of me

I can’t question I can’t reason with it

But every night I have a question in my mind

Why do I feel this way

So empty so blind?

Maybe time holds the answer

Maybe life will whisper

Into my ears on the day I die,

Finally I shall rest in peace

When all my questions are answered

I shall find my light

The same light that I see in your eyes…




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