Why I Love Ahmedabad

In 2 years this city has given me more love than I have ever experienced. I love the warmth of the people here. I love the riverfront when it shines through the city lights at night. I love the vibrant culture, the kite festival, the food festivals, the concerts, the cafes and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

People here are helpful. They don’t leave you to die. Making friends is easy. Ahmedabad is the second friendliest city in India, according to a survey. It is also one of the safest cities. It didn’t take me time to fall in love with this place. I feel lucky to have a college life while my friends elsewhere complain about how boring it is to sit in empty classrooms and study subjects with no practical use, while I fall in love with the learning process.

Come here in the Navratri season. The colours are unbelievable and the city parties till 5am. They do garba to literally any song in the world, even David Guetta. New years here is crazy too, with clear skies, bonfires and great music on the rooftops. People here have the luxury of spending time with their families.

Ahmedabad feels like home. I love the winters here, it is the perfect weather. The best part is that it is so well connected that you can reach anywhere within half an hour. Nobody likes a traffic jam! The city is filled with innovation. From under bridges instead of flyovers, to walls painted with traditional paintings, to handicrafts and pottery,  and the Adalaj stepwell, it is a city for art and photography lovers.

If you are a nature lover, Ahmedabad is for you. From lotus to orchids, you can find every flower here. Storks flock on trees creating a wonderful cover of white on the green leaved treetops and peacocks are a usual sight in the evenings. I have spent every lunch hour doing photography in college and it is a wonderful experience.

I have met amazing writers, photographers, lawyers and people of great intellect and talent here. Every person is special. This city made me believe in love again. It gave me back my lost happiness and soul that was nowhere to be found in the fast paced life of Mumbai. This is my life now, and my past has happily destroyed itself.


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