“Open the door!” She screamed. She woke up to find blood on her hands. Her white shirt had turned red and the stream of blood seeped right through the door. She was crying uncontrollably. What happened? Did she kill someone? She was bleeding so much that she fainted.

She woke up in her room. Her friends were by her side. They told her she was being delusional. Then she remembered. Her mother’s face. Her mother was begging her to stop. She was going to kill her friend with an axe over some altercation. She just wanted to forget it. Maybe it was just a nightmare.

She was in need of therapy. Nothing would let her sleep and her mind kept going back to that incident. She ultimately started taking pills, and then marijuana. It wouldn’t go away. The fear. The fear that someone had abused her. The fear that may be she had killed someone.

She was scared of death. We all are scared of something. I am scared of fire. I am scared of loneliness, and spiders. Fear draws the line between what you can and cannot conquer.

Out of all the emotions, fear is the most fascinating. Simply because it is irrational. Reason is one gift only humans possess. We are nothing without reason. Fear makes you crumble up into a ball. So many things I fear. A big interview, humiliation or the fear of messing up big things in life. Fear leads to panic, panic leads to indecisiveness and it becomes a deadly cycle.

Then I started to look at life in a different way. I took things as they came. No wave is so big that it cannot be surfed. Just like that, fear disappeared.

I was scared for what would become of me

I was scared of being wrong; I was scared to be me

Fear brings out the worst in me

But I took the first step in faith

Took a blind leap

It was I who had to conquer my mind

It was I who had to believe

Fear is the death of me

But I made friends with my enemy

Nothing stops me

Fear shall not get the best of me…


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