A Fairytale

She loved train rides. The untouched scenery, the rhythmic motions that lulled you into sweet sleep, and the possibility of meeting someone interesting. That’s how she met the love of her life. She caught him looking at her. He wanted to break the ice but he hesitated, just as any stranger would. He did not want to seem intrusive. So she said hello. There was softness in her voice. He could tell she was a sweet girl. They began to know each other. He told her he loved to make sketches, and write poetry. He was an artist that she could see from his shirt that quoted Bob Marley’s famous saying about music. She was into designing dresses, and dreamed of making it into the movies.
Then she held his hand. He was cold. His eyes were pitch black. There was something ghost like about him. But he was beautiful. They talked late into the night, and she fell asleep in his arms.
Women sometimes. She had already thought of the names of their kids, and marriage and the whole fairytale. Maybe she would will it into happening. Maybe she would not have to marry that boring guy her father had chosen for her. They decided to get off at Goa instead of Mumbai. Sun kissed beaches, the blue waves and white sand with some wine to go.
He looked cute while sleeping. She clicked some pictures just to keep them as a memory, just in case they don’t meet again. If there ever was a romantic guy, it was him. He would get her chocolates at midnight, and buy her lots of dresses. He would leave her handwritten notes when he was away, and he’d cook her favourite dishes.
One day, out of the blue, when they were enjoying barbeque by the fire, he proposed. They got married on the beach. She was dressed in a flowy white summer dress, and he was in his favourite black suit.
How I wish I was that girl! Sometimes I wish for fairytales, but this is life. There are no perfect endings, but in the end everyone gets a satisfactory ending. Even then, I never stop hoping for perfection, because time and again, life gives me reasons to believe that may be I will get lucky.


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