How Bae Keeps Me Happy

He insults me till it all sounds ridiculous and cute. He is the only one listens to me whine about my mom. He gives me piggy back rides even if the whole world is watching. He tells me I am beautiful even when I am sure I look like a mess. He looks at me like I am the most beautiful girl on earth. He takes care of me when I am on my period. He makes me the most delicious brownies.

He calls me his little one. He makes me feel special. He kisses me like I mean the world to him. He is always so happy. He makes me want to smile. He is the constant in my life. I think he sees me for who I could become and not just who I am. He is my motivation and my anchor.

He is so sweet that he even lets me go on dates with other guys. I know secretly he just wants me to be happy. He s always making me laugh. He is my most precious gift that I could get. But I think he is more in love with Ian Somerhalder than I am. Yeah they would be cute together. Haha.
Tons of men want me but I am his and only his. He loves me for who I am, not my body or sex. Sometimes I joke that he is so sweet I would die of diabetes. He is the king of romance, even better than Shahrukh Khan.

He isn’t even scared of cockroaches, or marriage. I think in a way he taught me how to live. My bae is the best boyfriend in the world. Thank you baby, for always being by my side, even though I am a pain in the ass sometimes. I know I spend a lot, and make you drive a lot and I am so short, and my spectacles are funny. I know I eat like a hog, and I have bad hair days. I know sometimes I drive you crazy. But I know you will always love me. I am so lucky to have you in my life.<a href=””>Playful</a&gt;


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