How to Make Your Brain Sharper


Intelligence is not an inborn trait. It can be developed. Over the years I have learnt many tricks to sharpen my mind. I am sharing some of these with you all.

It may seem obvious, but reading makes you intelligent. It increases your knowledge and vocabulary and gives you a new perspective on things. Writing also makes you intelligent! You are twice as likely to remember things you write down. Writing also makes you more creative and prevents depression. It makes you a more content, happier person.

Another thing that makes you smarter? Amino acids! Yes! Sounds strange right? Your brain is made up of building blocks called amino acids or proteins. You should listen to your mother when she tells you to have milk and almonds. Do eat chocolate too, it boosts concentration and memory. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes.

Exercise makes you smarter too! People who dance have 75 percent lesser risk of dementia and heart attack. Exercise keeps your brain active and enhances neural activity. Go for a run, it is the best stress reliever. Do yoga and meditation. Sleep is just as important. If you sleep less than six hours, it interferes with your thinking and moods and ability to remember things.

Learn a new language or musical instrument. Music makes you smarter by improving mood and the ability to learn. That is why we remember song lyrics with no effort! Science has proven these things develop the brain’s capacity to learn new things. Solve puzzles like sudokus, kakuros and crosswords.

Sleep and rise early to be smart. The brain functions best when your body is in sync with the cycle of sunrise and sunset.

Use anagrams and other tricks when you need to remember things! Also the best pattern to study is in periods of half an hour with a 10 minute break after each thirty minutes.

Socialize! It keeps the brain going. Communication and interaction is the phenomenon by which you can create and discuss new ideas.

Rejuvenate! Be near nature, and take a long bath and a hot massage. The brain needs rest too. Develop your hobbies. Learn from other people’s mistake. Be an observer and listener. Lastly, but most importantly, believe in yourself. You are unique and there is nothing in life that you cannot try to achieve at the very least, if not succeed. Use your brain to your advantage, master your own master!



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