Challenge Accepted

Throw anything and everything at me. I am not going to give up so easily. I have so many dreams. I have so many ambitions and hopes, not only for myself but also because I want my family to see me rise to success. I want them to be proud of me. I am going to keep holding on. I am going to keep trying.

The biggest challenge for me is to rise above the social stigma and judgement that comes with bipolar disorder. I am NOT disabled. I am gifted. It is something that makes me stronger. I do the same things everyone does despite my condition.

The other challenge I face is that people underestimate me. Proving them wrong has become a habit. It gives me great joy to do things that the world believes are impossible for me do. For example modelling. Whoever thought a girl whose not even five feet tall can model and do it well. Nobody thought a girl like me could be a lawyer and yet be so creative.

Fear of failure is another challenge I faced. It can cripple you. It defeats you even before you have your foot ahead of the start line. The only thing that can conquer this fear is faith and hard work. I overcame it, so can you. Don’t let opportunities pass you by just because you think you don’t have it in you or that you are not good enough.

Be undeterred and unshaken by what others think of you. It is not your business. Be focussed and you will win, not just win, but you will reign. Over thinking is another problem. It creates issues that are nonexistent and it creates worry and stress. Avoid it at all costs.

Yet another reason why you are not as good as you can be because you are lazy. You procrastinate, and you don’t give importance to things that deserve it. Start now. Life is too short to regret things later.

You become what you constantly think of. Think big then, and work towards it. Life is a crooked road and everyone has their own problems. Do not let them swallow you, because no problem is bigger than you. You already know the solution in your heart and your mind will lead you to it, if you choose to keep an open mind.

As I grew up, I realised how important time is. Start valuing time, it won’t wait for you. Challenges are the spice of life. Take them in your stride instead of moping around, because that will not do any good.

Lastly, but most importantly I want to tell you, that don’t be scared to live your life your way. At the end, you will face whatever the consequences and no one else. Do not let them decide for you. You get one life and you might as well do what your heart wants you to do. After all, to rule the world you have t be a lion! Be courageous, for timidity is an attribute of the weak hearted and submissive.

I will give it my all

I will do it my way

I will do as I please

I will do as I say

I won’t give up come what may

I will live life king size

I am a queen

A superstar

For me there is no falling from grace

There will always be a shine on my face

I am going to win this race

I will do whatever it takes

As long as I am awake

Big dreams  are at stake

Winning is the only way

I will do it

I will have my way

There is only so much you can say

I have a limited number of days

Will make them count in every way

I will achieve

I will conquer

I will have it my way

There is only so much you can say





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