Life is a Mess

I’m a mess. I love being this way. Imperfect, flawed, beautiful. I love experimenting and living life by my rules. At least I am brave enough to maker my own mistakes. I dare to try. Tomorrow I won’t have to blame anyone else for the risks I took or the mistakes I made. You don’t have to be jealous of the way I am. Free spirited, lively and open minded. You can choose the same. Everyday is a new day and each day I learn and grow.
There is no point in being too cautious. I don’t care you know, about my looks, weight or your opinion. It takes a different kind of person to make a difference in the world. So, no, I am not interested in being a clone of anyone that exists. I am unique and I am happy that way. Love, hate me, but you cannot ignore me. I make heads turn. It is not cause I seek attention but because the world appreciates uniqueness. I am like that piece of glass that shines in the sand. All I want to do is make a difference,to inspire people to be who they are without hesitation, and at the same time we should learn from all those around us.
This is life in a nutshell…
I looked into a mirror
Outside I was the same
But over every day and night
Something in me changed
I became a better person
more mature and grown up
But I promised never to let go
of the innocence in me
It is still the first rain
or a simple cup of coffee
that makes my day
life will go on but
only simplicity makes it complete
So don’t forget to feel it
every moment that you pass
I know that you are busy
I know you are in a rush
But remember the rays of sunlight
remember the smiles and laughter
For december isn’t permanent
The winter isn’t forever
But I’ll wait, I’ll wait for September
Wake me up when December ends…


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