In Ruins

I was walking on thin ice. I knew most probably I would ruin it. I did. My relationship’s future seems uncertain. It hangs by a thread. There is nothing I can do. No amount of apology can undo what is done. Just like that, one mistake can ruin the love of a thousand years on a thousand suns.
Maybe I am self destructive. May be it is just out of habit. I always mess up. My phone is messed up. Both my phones are messed up. So is my hair, my wardrobe, my grades and pretty much every aspect of life. Ruining things is so easy. What takes years to build, gone in seconds. Trust is the easiest to ruin. You just have to make one mistake and all the good you did will count for nothing.
You can call me stupid. You can condemn me. You can advice me. It won’t change anything. I am not going to beat myself up about this. I am human, hence I err.
I am here to tell you a story
As it began, all was well
I had a thousand hearts to melt
five steps in I made few blunders
Nothing to do I had to surrender
Call it fate, or call it karma
I am not the son of Mr. Sharma
I am not perfect, I’m not your idol
My behaviour is just so tidal
Then it rose to perfection so close
You looked at me with adoration galore
Then the tide began to ebb
the pride that once swelled
was rendered felled
Right down it fell
As the sound of the my last step you heard
With that my pride went down the well
Of my accolades I have nothing to tell
I’m an ocean inside that shell
An ocean of undiscovered remains
So many stories yet to tell
No sound was heard as I fell from grace
My eyes don’t lie
the ruins are here oh well
So don’t wait
Unravel my fantasies and mysteries
maybe you will find some treasures to sell
My ruins have stories to tell…


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