The Theory Of Lies

Why do people lie? Is it because they are scared that telling the truth will do more harm than good? Is it because they do not want to hurt the other person, or they believe they are saving someone a lot of trouble? Lying is a task that wastes your energy. But people do it all the time. I guess sometimes it is just easier than having to explain the truth. You tell people what they want to hear. They are happy and so are you that you got off easily. A good lie is as good as the truth after all. There is no truth as such. It is just a version of some statement that you believe to be true. You’ll get better at it with time. Lying becomes a habit. There is not much to it. The world would be at war if we could read each other’s minds. Everyone wants to have good relations with people around them. So you just don’t mention certain things. If I don’t like your shirt, I keep it to myself.

The only time the truth deserves to be told is when it can change things. Don’t stand in the way of a solution. Most of everything you see is a lie. The real truth is in your thoughts, and who you are every time you are alone when you go to bed at night. Everyone has three faces, the one they show to you, the one they think they have, and the one they really are. If you think any amount of time will be sufficient for you to ever know the reality, you are mistaken.

To be liked for who they think you are is great, but to be liked without having to hide your true self, that is what is really difficult. So I guess a little pretense is not just okay, it is ideal, especially if it works out well. There is no point in beating yourself up about lying, because what importance would truth have without the existence of a lie?



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