Of Roses And Knives…

Her lips were scarlet red. She wore a glittering black dress and showed off her tall frame in her five inch Jimmy Choos. She smiled for the cameras at the red carpet. Smiling was easy. They didn’t know the turmoil that she felt on the inside. Her boyfriend would abuse her and fight with her. Her parents had cut ties with her. She was on a huge dose of Xanax and she didn’t remember when was the last time she had a good night’s sleep. She had been replaced on her recent TV show. Money was short and she was having financial troubles.

Yes, this is the harsh reality of the lives of many film stars today. She was getting tired of being strong. She just couldn’t take it anymore. But she remained silent. She didn’t know who to ask for help. One day, she lost control over her emotions and hung herself.

The story of Pratyusha Banerjee has shocked me to the very core. None of her friends anticipated what she did. It just goes to show that sometimes our darkness hides just because it has no shadow. She was beautiful and rose to fame overnight. It all ended so fast. Sometimes death teaches you more than life itself. Are we so weak that suicide is the only solution? I cannot judge her, for she was in an abnormal state of mind.

I myself have contemplated suicide many times. But then I always remember that I can ask for help. I can ask for support and I am not alone. Don’t do it. Don’t make your loved ones pay for your troubles. In the end no problem is so big that it cannot be solved. Your life is a gift. Make it count.


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