The Struggles Of Being A Law Student

Okay. Let me clear your misconceptions first. Law is NOT about mugging up. Remembering the principles is easy. It is the application part that can make your head spin and leave you confused. Cambridge University asked medical students to study Contract Law and they could not make head or toe out of it! Neither can I actually. Secondly, Law is not scoring. Yeah if you are hoping for a CGPA 10.0 then go do engineering or business studies. Thirdly, law is not for dumbfucks who could not clear other entrances. Lawyers are so smart that they can lie to your face and you won’t know it. They always have a way out of legal problems.

I guess the part I hate most is remembering the case laws and their citations. That gets you extra marks, so you better do it. It is difficult to pass if you do not make an effort to remember them, because they are the proof required to validate your answer. Thick fat books have become a norm with us. Carrying them around is a pain. On top of this, hours of research to write a 3000 word paper only to be given a B grade on it. It is torture. Another thing that irks me is the dress code. Sometimes the white shirt and black pants just start hurting your eyes! It is such a boring combination.

The disappointing thing is lawyers do not get very attractive starting salaries. The working hours extend beyond office hours and you end up taking your work home. The deadlines have to be adhered to because the courts and judges wait for no one. Or else you risk being fired by your client or your boss.

The number of laws to be studied are way too many. You have to constantly update yourself with the current happenings. So stay away from this profession if you are not looking forward to being a student for the rest of your life.

The teachers at most law schools suck. Yes, there is no better word for it. So, don’t expect spoon feeding. Law school generally kills your sleep. We would not make it through if it was not for tea, cigarettes, alcohol and weed; and of course our friends….wait…what friends? Law is competitive and you are really lucky if you manage to find true friends. Most people are selfish and wouldn’t help you unless they get something in return. Law school people are known to play dirty…see the movie Bride Wars….you will know what I mean…There is no place for emotions in this profession and everything you do is for money or justice or both.

You are again really lucky if you get appreciation on your internships. Generally the bosses don’t care to tell you how to do what. You have to figure it out. The initial years are the same, and you constantly feel like you are an idiot.

Nevertheless, I don’t regret taking up law. The feeling of empowerment is amazing and you also feel a sense of relief in helping the society. You gain knowledge of various disciplines that you never even knew existed and it feels super cool. It isn’t all that bad, and if you work hard, you can make it big. However it does involve a great deal of struggle and pain.


24 thoughts on “The Struggles Of Being A Law Student

  1. Ratika, your article gives true picture of the life of the law students. Your article is nothing but sheer reality.
    Keep writing…….


  2. Touchè because you blurted out some honest ass shit.
    But honestly even if I were doing something else. I’d not have friends :p
    Wayyyyyyy toooo gooo Ratika.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So I’m not a lawyer, but I’m in a professional line of business. Stick with it, okay? It actually, after you’re in the profession, gets easier. Believe me. I don’t know how you lawyer types remember all the case law, how your memories work so well… but great respect for that.

    Can I make a suggestion? I really think you should have an About page. I looked around and couldn’t find one. I think it’s interesting that you’re in law school and also a writer. I think others would find that interesting too, and an About page would put that together.

    By the way, are you from the UK?


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