Men Are From Mars , Women Are From Venus

He’s in love with cricket. You are in love with chick flicks. He won’t wash his socks till they stink. You can’t stand wearing the same pair of socks for another day. He hogs food at home but forgets about ever eating on a travelling tour. He needs the toilet seat up and you need it down. Yes, men and women are different, we were born different after all, physically and mentally.

Men want sex, you want foreplay. Men want whiskey, women want wine. Men want you to spell out your thoughts. You want men to read your mind. A man is always wrong. A woman is always right. Men wear shoes and we do what they do in high heels. If men pay it is chivalry, and if women pay it is called being feminist?! Men and women could never agree on social issues, nor on baby names, or what to watch on television. Where there are two genders, there will always be war.

I, somehow don’t completely agree. There is a man in every woman and a woman inside every man! Women too can be the bread earner and the leader of the family. Women too love fights, just not fist fights, more of cat fights. Men can be very very emotional once they decide to open up. They are bigger gossip queens than us women. He might flirt with a million girls, but his heart belongs to his wife. She may nag him a hundred times, but she knows without him, she won’t be who she is. Men maybe from mars, and women maybe from Venus, but both humans are after all part of planets from the Solar System!


8 thoughts on “Men Are From Mars , Women Are From Venus

      1. You don’t want me linking this blog to your parents and tell them all about it. This is a last warning or i’ll report it to the authorities and your parents too.


    1. I do not believe such mail are spam. Instead, I believe its a good piece of art. She is writing, expressing her thoughts. Is that an illegal act? No, its not. And if you believe such mail intrude your privacy by getting in-boxed in your college mail id, then please make your facts clear. The mail service which the college provide is not totally for your personal enjoyment and hence not ‘personal’. If it were a fully personal platform, then were able to make certain changes in your account like, for example, your name (atleast).

      So if you really want to report! Good luck with the same else KEEP KALM AND READ!

      (No offence)

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  1. It is exasperating how an anonymous netizen has the audacity of trying to sabotage an adult’s constitutionally protected right to freedom of expression, something even the state can’t do. Loathsome.

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  2. Good post – and I totally agree. Citizens of the universe, right?

    I see some anonymous twat is trolling your blog… just ignore them. These people are looking for attention and aren’t really good for anything. They’re also cowards, too scared to even say who they are.

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