My Favourite Stereotypes

Stereotypes may be judgemental, but lets face it, at times we all enjoy them. So I decided to tell you about my favourite ones.

PANDEY JI : Basically a Bihari government servant. He is fat and jolly and his favourite food is samosas. We all remember him from OFFICE OFFICE and Dabbang.

The Blonde Bimbo : She is the eye candy in all the movies. Dikhne main hot, akal se not. (looks are hot, brains are not).

The gay : Personally I find this offensive. But yet, they will show him as overly colourfully dressed, in a funny accent, and being the best buddy and shoulder to girls.

The Damsel in Distress : She is always, always, always in need of help.Hopefully that’s how she will find love.

The Drama Queen : She will always manage to create drama where there is none. Generally very picky about food, clothes and men.

Sanskari Pita or Alok Nath : He is the protective yet disciplinarian father, whose only aim is to protect the dignity of his family and get his children married and settled after they finish engineering.

The sardarji : He is always in a jolly mood, drinking alcohol in neat pegs and lassi, telling hilarious jokes. he is the Punjabi and the life of the party.

UP ke Bhaiya : Oh yes, they are the classic bargainers and money savers. They live on Chai and Sutta. Hum occurs in every sentence instead of main. (we instead of I)

The Nerd : Frizzy hair, braces, and introvert, comes to mind. They will always top the class though.

The Crazy dancer : They should just stop dancing if there is an audience.

The bad Drunk : Gets overly emotional and loud, and surely vomits it all out.

The tharki : finds double meaning in everything. staring at girls and chessy pick up lines is his profession.

The Nashedi Weed Guy : Always Always Always in a good mood, the guy to go to if you need any maal. Always in a high state.

The Bitch : She loves to be mean, and bully people. Then says OOPS!

Thats it for now folks! Hope you loved it.



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