An Unquiet Mind Past Midnight

She was scared not of what the world thought about her. She was scared of her own thoughts. She was not scared of being sad. She was scared that if she became happy someone would snatch it away from her. She was not scared of sex, but the she was scared of long meaningful kisses. She was scared to fall in love, but not scared of strange, unruly men.

She was very peculiar in every way. Sometimes it was the fear of being successful that overwhelmed her, and not fear of failure. She was not new to that feeling. But this fame was new to her. She didn’t want to lose her own identity in it. She wasn’t worried about the things that could not be, but was worried about what can be possible and yet is prevented by some reason.

Her biggest exam was mastering her own emotions. Getting attached too soon , that too unknowingly had become a menace that wrecked havoc in her life. She didn’t want anymore of the one that got away. She craved for the one that stayed to watch her rebuild her life, for this building was indestructible. From the beginning of time she was worried that there was not enough time to explore everything she wanted, when everyone else was so worried about trying to perfect their own little dreams.

She never fit in, and that is why she was happy. The moment she tried to fit in, her troubles would begin. She was unique in every way. Their world was grey, hers was full of colours, and that is why she was beautiful. She saw life in every leaf on the trees, and every petal on the flowers. She saw hope in every teardrop that fell from her eyes, and cry she did, for tears made her strong. She wasn’t made of iron and steel she knew that. She was malleable, and every person she met, every experience she had, moulded her, into someone the world admired.<a href=””>Pensive</a&gt;


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