Homosexuality Isn’t A Crime

It is time to question the society. Why do people get so weird about homosexuality? Love is love; whether you love a man or a woman. They didn’t choose to turn gay or lesbian, that is who they are. I didn’t choose to be bisexual, that is who I am. I don’t understand why anyone would make jokes about someone being gay, or damn them to rot in hell for eternity. They are just as normal as everyone else. Homosexuality has existed in humans for many centuries. It exists in animals too! Recently a photographer caught two male lions mating on camera.

Homosexuality can be confusing. If you are different from the rest, it can shake you up. For a while you feel unsure. You don’t know how to tell your family and friends. These people already feel alienated. The worst thing you can do is make them feel depressed. I totally support Anne Hathaway. When she won an Oscar few years ago, she went up on stage and said, “At my house homosexuality is not a big deal. When my brother came out and said he is gay, we actually celebrated and partied!” It is nothing to be ashamed of.

Research can try and give reasons as to why people are homosexual. According to scientists, it may be because of a history of abuse. However, I don’t believe it has any reason. Do straight people ever question themselves as to why they are straight? No one does. Then why should we question homosexuality? Love is beautiful. It cannot and should not be questioned.

“everywhere we go, we’re looking for the sun,

nowhere to grow old, we’re always on the run,

they say we’ll rot in hell

but I don’t think we will,

They’ve branded us enough, Out laws of love….


These words bring tears to my eyes. I hope that someday in India, gay and lesbian people can feel at home and marry legally, and have sex legally. I hope someday, they too feel like a part of the society.



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