From A Woman’s Perspective

Rose pink, candy pink, magenta, baby pink, neon pink. Help me choose? She asked. The man said, what is the difference? They are all pink! This scene from the movie Pyaar Ka Punchnaama 2 stuck with me ever since I saw the movie. Women tend to see the details, even in colours. Show a man the same colours he would just pick up the first thing that came in his hand and buy it!

To a woman, looking perfect is important. Getting her makeup and hair just right, finding the perfect pair of jeans and a comfortable chic looking pair of shoes is super important. A man will just grab whatever clothes are lying on the chair in front of his bed and walk out without even bothering about his uncombed hair or unironed clothes.

From a woman’s perspective, all men are the same. Why? Well it is generally because most of them are commitment phobes, live in a mess and have the worst taste in fashion. Don’t blame us, that is how most of them are.

To a woman, emotional cheating is worse than physical cheating. We are willing to forgive physical cheating, but if someone in your life is more important than us, you can happily go to her.

Women often regret being women, especially on their periods. Yeah, it makes us cry every second for five days. Women have to wax and do their eyebrows. While men get away scot free.

For women liberation is more than just being allowed to work and choose their clothes. The very fact that they need to seek anyone’s permission is proof that they don’t have free will.

But how can men be equal to us? We gave birth to them. So don’t think we will stand there and be ill treated. Cause when a woman cries, and you leave her alone, there are many men waiting to wipe her tears. That hand of yours which she so lovingly held will now be in someone else’s hands. And she will be the reason for someone else’s smile. One man’s poison is another man’s choicest drink!

Lastly, but most importantly, no self respecting woman is after your money. She doesn’t want diamond rings and expensive gifts. She just wants your time and attention. That is the answer to the long unanswered question as to what do women really want. She wants to feel important.

So don’t waste your time on us if you were planning to leave in the end. She will always be strong enough to get on with her life.


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