What Makes Us Human

The interesting thing is, my deepest thoughts come from a place of darkness. It is pain that gives them depth, and sadness that gives them beauty. Why am I so sad?  You ask. I believe there are always better days to come. Sadness is a result of introspection. It will be long before I am content with life. It will be years before I become who I want to be. The brain is a strange place. You can change its thinking process. Every thought you have is changing you. I am not the same person as I was yesterday. Neither are you.

Long ago, I used to think people make me happy. I was so wrong. Happiness is within you. Your brain is a blank canvas every morning. You can paint it in bright colours or dark colours. It is upto the events of the day. I cannot define happiness, but I can define sadness. Sadness is a frustrating emotion. You start wishing for things that never happened. But when the going gets tough, the tough gets going! You have got to snap out of it.

Photographs. They define each moment so perfectly. Something that once was, captured forever. A happy couple, or an old hungry man, or a beautiful mesmerising sunset. What would life be if we couldn’t feel any emotions? We would probably be worse than animals. There would be no right and wrong. There would be nothing to stop us from doing whatever we want. Emotions make us human. They make us weak but they also make us strong enough to stand by our decisions.

The worst kind of people are those who try to be like stone walls. They bottle it up until one day they explode. Emotional well being is in letting yourself feel. Cry when you feel like crying. It is okay. It does not make you weak, in fact it gives you the strength to feel okay again. Go ahead, give someone a hug. Tell them they are beautiful. There is no better way to make someone smile. Spread love, and sadness will recede like the seawater does in low tide. Sadness is not the absence of happiness. It is the stairway that leads to happiness. You only have to climb up and reach for what you want to feel.


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