Droplets Of Ink

Nights turn into dawn

The Sun rises in all its glory

But the droplets of ink are still at work

Her feelings flow

Like a swollen river

Her emotions rush out

Like the gushing waterfalls

No one was there

To hold her hand and ask her

Honey, are you okay?

Is something wrong?

So she poured it out on paper

Never stopping

Her wrists were tired

Her eyes were drowsy

But even sleep can’t refresh

A soul that is tired

She was tired of feeling empty

Nothing excited her

The spark of life was missing

She wanted something engaging

Maybe a whirlwind romance

Or a trip to the Bahamas

A scrumptious exotic lunch

Or tickets to some concert

Instead she was lost

In creating imaginary worlds

Of burning flames of passion

Some refreshing new attraction

Some people write for fame

Some people write for money

She wrote to fill the emptiness

The blank spaces that he left in her heart

If art could do justice to her broken heart

Then she would write him down in droplets of ink

Until her eyes ran dry from crying tears of blood

He was the only one worth writing for.


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