The Pathfinder

No, No, No. It has to be simple. You love him or you don’t. You know the answers or you don’t. You succeed or you don’t.  That is it! It is is so simple. You decide to overthink matters and complicate them. Close your eyes, and just pick one choice and go with it.  I cannot let doubt enter my mind! It clouds my judgement.

No matter how many times they break my heart I still believe in love. Life without love is like a flower without nectar! I believe I will succeed because life is no use without a goal. As for answers, I am a seeker. Seek and you shall find. Why are we so ready to accept opinions without forming our own? Why are we so willing to change people’s minds without breaking our own chains?  Have we ever truly mastered our own minds?

If you close your eyes, the world can still see you, even though cannot see at all. So if you are in a dilemma it will show. People will get the best of you, don’t let them. Only the person capable of making and following their own choices can be the masters of their own thrones. Otherwise you would be a pawn in someone else’s dream sequence. With these thoughts I shall leave you to ask yourself, Are you willing to trust yourself,and make your own choice? Will you do whatever it takes to follow the path you have chosen?


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