The Power Of Writing

Sometimes words can influence powerful people. They can hurt people. They can influence people in good ways and bad. Seems there is no place for creative thinking not in this city. So no more blogs will have crazy stories. I can’t do it because it harms the people I am associated with. I appreciate the love I have got from everyone. But today I feel like I should stop writing. People I look upto have killed my spirit. Maybe some stories are better untold. Maybe some secrets are best kept hidden. I feel more let down than I do feel sorry. I am sorry that I tried to be honest.

There was nothing in here that could possibly ruin anyone’s life. But if you are offended then I ought to stop writing. Because I wrote for you all. Thank you for killing my spirit. I realise now why writers will remain the most controversial people of all time. Those of you who have been waiting for more, I am sorry you will never hear from me again. Those of you who feel I have wasted your time, you guys win. I know I took a big risk in writing my life down for the world to see. But someday you will be able to do nothing about it.


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