Essential Contents Of An Invisible Explosion

No.1 : A broken heart. It pushes people to do things they wouldn’t otherwise dare venture into. Yes, it may involve long periods of solitude, but it is definitely one path to self discovery.

No.2 : Lots of criticism. Criticism forces people to prove others wrong and show them what they are really capable of.

No. 3 : A crazy hobby. Mine is photography. It really brings out your brighter side. Creativity is very essential for this explosion to occur.

No.4 : Inspiring song lyrics. It can change your brain in ways that are difficult to fathom. May totally change your personality and views. Definitely important if you want to be a go getter.

No. 5 : A role model. Not to the extent of Gaurav Channa’s adoration for Aryan Khanna, just enough to push you to try harder and be who you aspire to be.

No. 6 : A good book. I am doing law because I read bitter chocolate by Pinky Virani.

No. 7 : A tragic event. Could be someone’s death, heartbreak, moving away, rape…anything. It really shakes you up. Starting afresh maybe tough but sometimes it can be worth it!

No. 8 : Time. No change is sudden, and becoming a new person too is no exception.

No. 9 : Will Power. the only person in the way of who you are and who want to be is you!

No. 10 : Introspection. Unless you look inside you, you cannot learn to be you. To be who you want to be, you must know who you are and what is required of you in order to be who you want to be! Teleology isn’t magic!


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