What Body Shaming Can Do

She was getting thinner everyday. She was obsessed with it. She stopped eating breakfast and dinner and in lunch she consumed just two slices of bread. She smoked two packets of cigarettes a day. Her skin was beginning to pale. She looked gaunt, and her face had lost its sheen. Her clothes looked baggy on her, and her bones were beginning to show. Have you met this girl? I have.

Anorexia has its roots in the society. When girls are shamed for being too fat even when they are a size two, they go to extreme measures to look thinner. They don’t even realise when it becomes a mental disorder. She looks in the mirror, and to her eyes she is still fat. Body shaming can kill a girl’s confidence and self esteem. She would purposely vomit out all she ate initially. Then she stopped eating altogether.

Of course, her parents noticed. She was admitted to the hospital, where they put her on a good diet and sugar drip. She could have died of malnourishment. I was very close to becoming anorexic, but when my doctors warned me,I took it seriously and I went on a pizza diet. It isn’t just hunger. It is a disease. Today, models look more like half dead zombies than beautiful women. The standards of beauty need to change. It is a good thing that countries like France are taking the right steps and defining minimum body mass index and weight categories before they can choose a model.

Looking good is important but to what extreme will you go to achieve that goal? Health is more important. And believe me girl, whether you are a size 2 or a size 14, if you have a smile on your face, you are beautiful.


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