The Dark Side Of Humanity: Twisted Forks

Life isn’t easy. Every one of us faces hardships and struggle in this race to finish as much as we can as fast as we can. Do we even realize that we lose a bit of ourselves in the process? How strong is the pull of the dark forces? Can it change us completely into someone we are not? Life is essentially an energy force. It is made up of both positive and negative energies. Some people have more of a negative vibe, most of them do. Is it possible that we become so used to manipulating others, that we are not even aware of it?

Nothing is black and white. What is wrong for me maybe right for someone else and vice versa. At the end of the day, humans are still animals, with a little bit of emotional intelligence. We are still slaves to our primal instincts of possession, reproduction, love, lust and power. We are just small pieces of the life force. Our existence doesn’t even matter if we compare it to the Universe. Do we really own anything or anyone in this world? We were born alone, and we die alone. Yet we spend our entire life fighting for what is rightfully ours.

We are scared of ageing. We are scared to die, and lose our beautiful and captivating youth. Do we even know who we are; once we wear the mask of an identity that we want the world to know? Can we really see reality? Most of us are too focussed on goals that take us away from peace and spirituality. Money driven. Success driven. Driven by every negative emotion. Lust, jealousy, power, fame, notoriousness wealth andthe need to be someone that matters. In this race, there is no trace of beauty or wisdom. There is nothing that you can take back and cherish as a memory. Soon it will be a useless mass of wasteful toxic memories. Sometimes what we feel on the inside never really shows on the outside. Will catharsis ever happen? Or will we destroy ourselves, forever wallowing in untold stories of lies , illusions, manipulations and regret?

We are no less than birds in a cage, bound by the rules of society and what is expected of us. What are we really? A mixture of water and blood? Or something thicker and more meaningful?<a href=””>Fork</a&gt;


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