Mayo The Dream School

Ten years on, the cheers of ‘Mayo, Mayo’ and ‘Don’t Mess, don’t mess with the best’ , are still echoing through my years. Ten years later, I am still missing the gulaab jamuns and the maalpuas. Ten years later, I am still missing all my friends from the best boarding school in the world.

What is it about Mayo college girls school that sticks with you? Is it the grandeur? The exquisiteness? The green lawns? The beauty? It is everything. From the grand mess, to our grand residential houses named after Rajasthani princesses, from the world class architecture of the main building, to the Birla Saraswati temple, from the oldest Meera house to the Charumati house said to be haunted, our school felt like heaven. I miss the whole campus. I miss the mayo life.

The grand celebrations, the farewells, the annual function, the fete, the birthday parties. The pride juniors felt on getting selected for the aerobics sessions called drills that were displayed on the annual sports day.  The colours on Sundays. The maggi and cheese. The seniors in their red ceremonial suits. The scenty assemblies. The Holi and Diwali celebrations. The merciless throwing each other in fountains. The orange bars and wai wai. The mid term trips to Rajasthan, Mumbai and Goa. The envy of a thousand people that we were the lucky Mayoites.

I miss our silly games. The dark room and hide and seek. The prayers to win every competition. The horse food. The Sunday nimboo paani. The occasional planeterium and circus shows. The entertaining functions we called Bal Sabhas. The cross countries and the fainted. The arts and crafts. Pottery, papier mache, bead work. The Chinese Whispers and Confession games. The crazy jokes. The girl crushes. The Saturday roadies run. The monday morning news runs. The movies and the countdowns when the bus left the campus. The antakshari games.

The horse riding and school play rehearsals past dinner time. The gossip past midnight, with our bedside partners. The fights over the fan speed. The summer tans. The race to the bathrooms and reserving our bathroom with the hanging of towels. The cupboard checks. The canteen sales and coupon collections. The home science lessons and getting to taste delicious food and presenting it to Ma’am Singh. The relief of the rains. The rainbows. The crazy boy scout sessions that I hated; I even miss those. I miss massaging each other’s hair with oil on Saturday nights. Writing letters to our parents and waiting for their phone calls. I miss the long leisurely campus walks. I miss the confidante secret talks with my friends. They are the truest friends you could have. I still haven’t found better friends.

Three years. A million memories. I cannot thank my parents enough for having given me a chance to be a part of this school, that is no less than a dream for so many kids. It is legendary. It is a force to be reckoned with. Mayo, is truly the best school. It gave me lots of memories that I will cherish forever.<a href=””>Dream</a&gt;


7 thoughts on “Mayo The Dream School

  1. Wow so well written simple n apt !!
    How it’s true that were legendary to have been sent to this school by our parents ..
    We are lucky !!


  2. Wow… you have penned it down so beautifully … I passed out from Mayo 21 years back… but could remember and relate to each word you have written down… yes these are precious memories… and will stay with each and every Mayoite for life…
    Thank you for refreshing them once again…


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