The Truth About Love…

I constantly live in the fear of losing him. Insecurity gets the best of me. What if I am not good enough? What if he finds a better girl? What if my mistakes are unforgivable? Should attachment thus be forever condemned? Is it better to live a life of solitude and in a sense of disengagement from people?  How much of our happiness should depend on others? Is love everything? Or is it just an illusion?

Sometimes I wonder what will happen if I lose him. Will I lose parts of me too? Attachment is a dangerous thing. With the complacency and satisfaction of knowing that someone cares about you, comes the danger of getting hurt and betrayed. Relationships are beautiful. But nothing really ends well, after all it is the end. Someone has to get hurt. The best moments are still the ones when everything was new and fresh. There is the excitement of getting to know someone. There is the hope of an everlasting love. Should we hope at all? In today’s times, everyone cheats and lies everyday. Almost everyone.

Maybe I think too much. But we all fret over situations at times. Everyone is scared to lose someone; and you are lucky if you are; because that means you know someone worth losing. We can always fight for our love, and keep the flame of any chances we have at making it right burning. Communication is key. Nothing is lost until you stop trying! No, I don’t believe in unconditional love. But we can always, always find a way. That is what love is…Love is compromise. Love is about making it work.


2 thoughts on “The Truth About Love…

  1. Love 🙂 very big topic but like your views and beautifully written. U r a wonderful person. …and u do spread a lot of love around. Love you 😚


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