Purple Shades of Grey

She was just another girl if you didn’t know her. She was an ambivert…comfortable and peachy with her friends, but a shell that was difficult to flip open if you didn’t know her. Who knew under that innocent face was a girl so lively. Maybe lively isn’t quite the right word. She was atrociously ferocious, almost feline by nature. She’d wear her eyes in the cat eye way, her waist was tiny and high heels were always part of her appearance. Her presence was enough to make any guy stare.

True to her name, Kat was quite wild. Parties, whiskey, a girl with the morals of a man. She didn’t care much, about what anyone said. She loved her bright red lipstick, and her sharp tongue, and her crazy party lifestyle.  But it was all a cover. She didn’t want to remember how her parents died, and how her boyfriend left her because he was super possessive, and how her doctor told her that there was almost a 100 percent chance she would have cancer in a few years because of her genes. She had a few years to live without a care. She might as well live while she could.

Her world was a grey, purpled at the ends by bruises of the past and the fear of future. There wasn’t much she could do about it. All she could do was try not to remember what fate had in store for her. She was just as powerless to stop it, as no one can stop the tempests and the thunderstorms, from destroying everything that comes in the way. She was already quite ruined on the inside, and soon she would be on her path to heaven..but it didn’t stop her from living life to the fullest. After all that is all she could do.


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