Queen Of Hearts

She was giftwrapped in surprises

Full of unknown phases

Her smile was dazzling

Her eyes were the ninth wonder of the world

With a heart of gold

Adored by all

Loved by many

For her heart of gold

She didn’t want to rule the world

She dreamt of ruling hearts

She was the queen loved by all

The beauty of the oceans and seas

couldn’t define her soul

Words couldn’t describe her

Even roses bowed down in her name

If I had to give beauty a name

It would be hers forever

Written in stone

For all to see

Her title in bold


and loved she shall be…





4 thoughts on “Queen Of Hearts

  1. If anyone ever tells you that you don’t have mad talent, tell them that I said otherwise, and emphatically so. This is really well composed, and I could feel the emotion in it. In this day of constructed, cold writing, this felt real.


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