Her hair glistens through the sun,

A jungle of dreams,

Their figurines play

A symphony so sweet

Oh such abundant peace,

Tousled hair, nobody cares,

They had their whole life to see,

Witness the magic of their dreams,

Broken mirrors, jigsaw puzzles,

That came apart,

The unravelling colours,

Of love and affection,

Sometimes rough, sometimes sweet,

They were just two broken machines,

Drowning out the sounds

Of their silent screams,

Live wires that run on emotions so deep

He held her softly,

And kissed her to sleep,

he watched her quietly

In peaceful retreat,

She was his whiskey,

He was her heroin,

While they destroyed each other,

So their souls could sleep,

In each other’s arms,

Sometimes destruction saves people,

it is necessary,

For new love to bloom;

To keep the peace…<a href=””>Autonomy</a&gt;




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