A Mistake…

Sometimes even lovers hate the rains,

Sometimes even kisses can’t take away the pain,

Sometimes it is just between you and I,

The closer you get, the farther it feels,

Sometimes there is a pain so deep,

That nothing you say or do,

Can make it recede

Sometimes the pain is so deep,

That my tears don’t come to rescue me,

Why did I meet you, it was a mistake,

Now to forget you forever it will take,

Leave me alone to my lonesome fate,

For only in solitude shall my pain abate,

I can only wait,

For my wounds to heal

I can only wait,

For the sorrows to leave,

And leave me they won’t

Until you are gone,

I will be awake until the end of dawn,

Finding peace in my restless sleep,

You were a mistake….

My hurt is too deep….





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