Bitch, I’m CEO

Who controls you? Your decisions. Your choices. Do you make them by your own will? Do you get intimidated and change your mind? Or worse you follow the herd without even thinking? Can you take charge of your own life? would you rather have someone else deciding for you? Why not be responsible for your own life, so that tomorrow you don’t have to blame someone for ruining your life! Are you willing to take that risk? Are you brave enough to stand up for yourself? Even if the whole world stood against you? Are you fierce enough to chase your dreams down every twisted path? Will you do whatever it takes? Will you give it all you have?  Some people spend all their lives doing what is right, instead doing things the right way. They think so mechanically that everything loses its meaning. The only difference between happy people and complainers is that the happy ones make their own choices. So what are you going to choose? Do you want to be the CEO of your own life? Or would you rather be an apprentice? I choose CEO. Do you?


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