Why do men feel like it is their right to treat us the way they want? Some of them are just so abhorring I could spit at them, cause one or two slaps is just not enough. He makes the girl buy the condoms and I pill. He screams at her for being late. He only calls when he needs her. He always meets only if it is convenient to him. He does not take any responsibility for the girl. He doesn’t even drop her home. He is rude to her all the time. He makes personal comments about her. So what does she do? She goes home and starts crying. She feels used. She feels slutty and disgusted. She feels it was all a mistake and she feels cheated by the face of a handsome looking man who turned out to be a jerk. Then they have the nerve to ask us why they are single? Come on guys, look at yourself. Learn how to be a man first, cause girls want a man, not a boy.


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