My Crazy Health Secrets

A lot of people wonder about how I am so fit. I finally decided to expose my secrets! The foremost thing is to stay happy. It doesn’t matter if you are fat or thin, being fit is about physical and emotional as well as mental wellness. Find your zen and health will follow.

So here is some unconventional health gyan. Start your day with an apple instead of coffee. It wakes you up faster and is super rich in antioxidants. Have cold water instead of warm water in the morning! Cold water ups your metabolism by 30 percent and also cools your body down. I generally feel hot in the morning. Take cold showers! They open up you pores and leave you feeling fresh. they also improve blood circulation. Also long cold showers can heal body stiffness. Sleep without a bra, in fact sleep naked! It gives you better sleep and keeps the skin young. Eat four hours before sleeping, it helps in losing weight. Stretch before sleeping for few minutes, it relaxes the body.

As for my workout, I make sure I do strength training along with cardio. Atleast one hour of workout everyday is necessary. I prefer stretching it to two, so I can workout my whole body. High intensity interval training is the best workout to lose weight and increase metabolism. Make workouts your friend! Do what makes you happy. Take up your favourite sport. Do not workout empty stomach! I always have a banana and half a bowl of curd 15 minutes before working out. Morning workouts are more effective. The right workouts will leave you energized and not tired.

As for diet, do not try and starve yourself. Eat chocolate in breakfast it helps to prevent cravings later in the day. Sleep atleast 7 hours a day, this also prevents cravings. I believe in eating all your favourite food. Yes! You can. The secret is portion control. Eat everything in moderation. Make sure you get enough protein, it is very important for weight loss.

My other unconventional secrets include yoga. It gives me peace of mind and a toned body. I took up belly dancing and it is a great fun way of working out. I also tend to be really active sexually. It is not the best workout as it doesn’t burn too many calories but it definitely keeps me happy. I love green tea. It solves my hunger problem. I always try and walk atleast 5000 steps a day. Building workouts into your daily life is my secret. I take the stairs instead of the lift. I lift shopping bags. I wear high heels to workout my legs.

Last but not the least, avoid too much caffeine, don’t drink or smoke or do hookah. Keep processed foods and sugar to a low. Use good oil in cooking; my mom uses olive oil. Try not to eat reheated food. Stick to whole wheat, and if possible eat brown rice, and brown bread. Try other cereals like bajra and ragi. They are extremely rich in nutrients. Drink adequate quantities of water. Most importantly, do not be impatient with yourself. Fitness is a lifestyle. It is a habit, and not a one day miracle!



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