Scars : Assaulted

This poem is based on my own life…Even after years I can’t shake off that one night…

The bruises had healed,

New skin revealed,

The cuts disappeared,

But the scars of her trauma

Even time couldn’t take away,

Every night in her dreams,

His face tormented her,

His voice burned her ears,

His touch pierced her skin like acid,

His laugh made her cry,

His sight killed her everyday,

And he, he had a new wife,

A gala life,

Money, fame and alcohol,

A reputation so very tall,

No one knew that the shadow of his past,

Was darker than the darkest black hole,

No one knew his real face,

They only knew the mask,

He was just another beautiful monster,

With a thousand facets,

Each more gross than the other,

It is a shame she felt alone,

In her predicament she found no support,

And so he raped her a million times,

And lived on a merry life,

While she woke up in tears every night,

Unable to breathe from the ghastly dreams,

She was dead inside a living hell,

Nothing could save her;

New men came, they were nice,

But she had lost her faith, it wouldn’t arise,

How could love blossom in the barren land,

Of a woman’s heart that had bled to death,

Would she ever find her peace,

Would she ever find solace,

No one knew, only time would tell…

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