A lot of people ask me about kind of pictures I take…to me nudity is not about showing off or being bold. It is empowerment. It is a connection I make with my own spirit. It feels uplifting. It feels good.

Long ago, people never wore clothes. Nude paintings were a rage. They still are. Nudity is about loving your body as you are. As long as its not sleazy, as long as it is not obscene, I believe nudity could be a good thing.

The problem is people use nudity to sell their products. This notion itself is the reason nudity gets the bad rap. Nudity is beautiful, if you look at it like that. It has been masked by the efforts put in to make bodies look unreal and perfect. they erase the stretch marks, they lengthen the legs and tighten the waist…they photoshop until you cannot recognize the original photo. 

Even then, I find campaigns like free the nipple and armpit hair really gross. Society has moved on from the days it was okay to do so. Who knows, time has come full circle, and we might stop wearing clothes again…that is what the scriptures say!

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