Men In Black

I’m not talking about the movie,

I’m talking about,

the real men in black,

black robes and black pants,

shirt and tie all suited up,

serious business, serious business to be done,

the fates of many lie in their hands,

they are truly superman,

saving men from the hands of law,

ain’t no easy job,

in circles they argue round and round,

until some valid argument is found,

A good lawyer will never let you down,

True to their name,

They are devil’s advocates,

For you they are up every night,

Reading and searching until evidence is found,

To acquit you of your legal faults,

So that they can fill their safety vaults,

With your cash and bank balance,

They buy an Audi,

Visit USA and Abu Dhabi,

No wonder these days,

Even engineers wish,

Make no mistake,

That they could be lawyers just like us,

We got the big bucks and the awesome swag,

We are the real men in black!



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