Why Marital Rape Should Be A Crime

The doors were locked. They lived in apartments. They had neighbours. Who heard her screams every night. They noticed the bruises on her face and neck. But no one dared to interfere. No one asked questions, no one complained. No one stopped it.They could have. Then one day she killed herself.

In India, it is common for men to force themselves on their wives, as they have complete conjugal right. Denying sex is a ground for divorce, but not to convict a man of rape. One out of three women face domestic violence in India. That is 33 percent. If she decides to go to court, it is rare that her family will support her. It becomes a matter of the family reputation being spoiled. There is a notion that the girl only must have done something to provoke her husband. The woman is considered like her husband’s devotee; she must do as he says, or suffer whatever fate he showers on her. The parliament and The Law commission Of India are seriously considering criminalising marital rape. But with the long queue of men who are far from supporting gender equality…forget feminism, for marital rape to be a crime as per The Indian Penal Code, it may take decades…and yet many cases will go unreported, even when that happens.


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